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((Was busy for a little while, but I am back))

Saladin soon rose from his slumber inside his realm that was engulfed in crimson tints from the numerous banners and bloodstained weapons used from previous warriors that were passed down to him from the ancestors of Saladin. Very aware that he was late to the meeting he still took his slowest time to equip his armors and weapons. The last of the equipment he would wear was a red bandana which covered from his nostrils down to the bottom of his neck. Now he moved briskly torwards the meeting with one sheathed katana clutched in his hand with the tang secured tightly around his waist.

Moving closer to the meeting he could hear Elrond as a smirk soon formed while he interruped Elrond by entering the meeting at a later time than he was suppose to.

Taking the last vacant seat in the front he continued to smirk under the bandana.
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