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The gunship dropped into the city and banked to avoid a cannon blast.

"Hold on," said the pilot who immediately put the LAAT/i gunship into a sharp dive, opening up his forward blaster cannons and missiles on the fixed artillery. "Woo! We have a kill." said the pilot, punching the air.

The gunship came near the Forward Command Center and did a smuggler's turn and landed softly on the ground. Kaoin jumped off and the gunship took to the air, it's engines creating a dust cloud form where it took off. Kaoin walked into the FCC and walked to the holographic table. The battle was going on everywhere on Lorrd, the heaviest fighting taking place in Lorrd City, the capital.

"Captain, have we captured the spaceport yet?" Kaoin inquired of the officer. The holo-projection displayed the Dominion troops in blue, and the Republic in red. The spaceport had very little Republic troops left, but was not marked as one of the Dominions.

"No, sir," said the Captain, giving Kaoin a brief salute. "The 41st is having trouble dislodging the Republic MBTs, but two of our walkers are moving over there to give the 41st suppression fire." The Captain pressed a button and the blue image magnified on the spaceport.

"Good. Now, how are we doing on civilian casualties?" Kaoin inquired still staring at the holo.

"We are at around 6,000 casualties most of it collateral damage. But out of two million, this is way shorter than the projected one-hundred thousand." The captain replied, his face beaming.

Kaoin had a satisfied smile on his lips. "Well done, Captain."

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