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Despite several attempts by the Galactic Alliance to reclaim Naboo, the planet remained relatively peaceful... and fully loyal to the Sith Dominion. In part, their loyalty was based on Charna's activities to keep the planet safe. In doing so, she called on a portion of her memory she had scarcely looked into after joining Tepe; the healing arts of the Jedi.

Danielle Bayers had been quite the learner before she'd become Charna. She'd spent a great deal of her time in the Archives and various other places where she could be guaranteed to learn something. One of the places she'd spent many hours was with the Healers. And Charna called on this memory to aid her quest for Dominion loyalty on Naboo.

Wherever there was war, there were sure to be injuries and deaths. However, Charna spent much of her time in the medical tents, not far from the front lines. She knew she was not a great fighter, but if she could return good fighters to the battlefield, she would do so as quickly as her power allowed her.

And now, Naboo was in peace once more. Charna spent most of her time meditating, feeling the thoughts and emotions of the Dominion troops and of the native Nabooans. They were all in good spirits; the planet was secure and supplies they needed were abundant.

Life was good.

Their morale dropped ever so slightly when they learned that Charna had been called away, but she encouraged them with a speech, a plea to fight the good fight while she was gone, and a promise of her return whenever it became possible. The entire planet watched as Charna's personal shuttle lifted off and flew up to her flagship.

"Inform Lord Tepe, we are on our way," she ordered the communications officer. He nodded and relayed the message as ordered. Satisfied, Charna told her admiral that she would be in her office if needed.
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