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Danera was thrown against the wall of his ship. Battle droids were lying in pieces around the small hangar the mercenary had bought for himself right next to his appartment. The former jedi was forced to drop his lightsaber. With a clank, the last defence of the man was disposed of. Emukiel held Danera against the wall with the force. A low gurgle left the man's throat as Emukiel stepped forwards, his lightsaber pointing at the floor.
"Where is Strider Flamehart?" the Weequay asked calmly, releasing Danera slightly from his hold so he could speak.
"I don't know" Danera told him and spat out blood. His head jerked and hit the wall with a nasty crack.
"When, where and how did you last contact him?" Emukiel continued, staring at Danera.
"A year and a half ago. When my pirate fleet was destroyed. The Hunters went into hiding. They didn't tell me where, and I didn't want to know" Danera told the weequay and grimaced with pain.
"Hmh... Pathetic" Emukiel said and released the mercenary who fell uncontious almost immediately afterwards.
The Weequay walked to the door, deactivating his lightsaber and putting it away on the way there. As he climbed into his speeder, the pilot droid rushed to the man and dragged him to the ship where Danera was put into a bacta tank.

Emukiel left off for the landing pad where his transport was waiting to take him to the next destination. The ship was marked as a civilian transport, enabling him to come this far to Galactic alliance territory. This sudden change in his plans, with Danera not knowing where Flamehart was, was very disturbing to him. He would just have to wait for the Hunters to come out then. After Tepe had told Emukiel Strider knew his technique, he had started to gain interest in the man. He had gone over several libraries and archives for any information on the man. Finally when he had studied on him the best he could, he started to search for him to see if the technique truly was the same.


Tepe stepped onto the bridge. The Admiral stood into attention and greeted the Lord.
"Lord Tepe, we recieved word from Naboo"
"Lady Charna is on her way"
"Good. Are we nearby?"
"Yes, my lord. Only a few more minutes until we jump out above Lorrd"
"Good. Prepare my bodyguards and a gunship. Tell them to wear battle armor"
"Yes, my lord"

Tepe left the bridge again, heading straight for the hangars as he was already wearing his battle armor from the battle on Bandomeer. When the ship jumped out of hyperspace, it approached the planet, entering upper atmosphere so it could let out the gunship that lacked the capabilities to fly in space. Aftewrads the humongous ship acended back into space so the gravitational pull wouldn't cause it to crash, causing much devastation on the planet. The gunship was silent as it decended towards the FCC except for the engine sounds. The doors opened when they got near the ground and flew so that the radar wouldn't pick their signal. The gunship sported a green paint scheme and had a large Sith Dominion symbol on both wings as well as on the doors. The ship approached the FCC swiftly and landed with a dust of cloud, letting the passengers off and then staying behind to wait for them. The bodyguards all had their blaster carbines ready in hand and their capes were not fully covering them. Even their armor was much more bulky than normally. Two stayed by the ship while the rest escorted the Lord all the way to the FCC's entrance. Tepe came up to the holotable and looked at the people saluting around him.

"At ease. I can't stay for long. Charna is on her way to the capital. You are also needed there, Kaoin. How is the battle going? Are the civilians allright?" Tepe asked, removing his helmet and placing it under his armpit expectantly.

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