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"Six thousand?" the Sith Lord repeated, raising an eyebrow. The Colonel, the only bodyguard to come with the Lord all the way to the table glanced at Tepe and backed away slightly. The Sith's hand gripped into a fist as he repeated the word quietly to himself.
"Six thousand! Six thousand Lorrdians have been killed by bloody shelling? Why did you even open fire upon civilian targets? Agh... Kaoin, you're going to give me a brain seizure..." the Sith said, gripping the table. He swiftly gathered himself and stepped back. He placed the helmet back on and looked at Kaoin.
"Leave for the capital as soon as you can. We're going to have a briefing with the Grand General and Grand Admiral and some of the other people on various fronts. We'll be waiting for you in the palace" Tepe said and left. His hand was still in a tight fist when he stepped onboard the gunshipe with the bodyguards. The gunship left for the Sith Lord's flagship that once again decended into upper atmosphere to recieve the ship

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