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Welcome to Kavar’s Corner, a place for friendly discussion of serious topics.

If you haven’t already read the Forum Rules, please take a moment and do so now. Since the topics here can be quite controversial and create a lot of emotions, the rules will be rigorously enforced.

This forum is designed for people to talk about the weightier issues such as politics, religion, current events, and so forth. Our goal is to explore different ideas and share different viewpoints. While members can and will debate a topic here, we will not be holding anyone to a formal debate standard, and members here may disagree on a topic, sometimes with a certain degree of passion.

Understand that not everyone will agree with your viewpoints, and you will not agree with everyone else all the time. Please do not attack people when you express disagreement with a concept or viewpoint. Any flaming, flame-baiting, or trolling will be dealt with according to the forum rules. Also keep in mind that this is a PG-13 forum—handle borderline subjects delicately.

This forum is designed to discuss different viewpoints. You are highly encouraged to keep comments respectful and civil. In this forum, comments that are sarcastic, condescending, belittling, rude, or demeaning towards other members fall into the category of flaming. Profanity and racist comments are not allowed.

Moderators will edit or delete posts as they see fit to enforce these rules. Off-topic and spam threads will be moved or deleted. Repeated violations of spamming will be handled according to forum rules. Please don’t resurrect old threads unless you have something new to contribute.

When discussing a controversial topic, it’s alright to post your feelings, but you are encouraged to support your stance with solid reasoning. While you are not required to use quotes to back up your opinions, if you do use a quote, make sure to cite your source (with a link). This gives people a link to check out the material you quote and also avoids the problem of plagiarism.

If things seem to be getting a little too heated, it’s OK to take a break and come back to an argument later. If you are wondering if your post will be too inflammatory, it’s probably best to sit on it for a day and come back to it then. You can always PM one of the moderators to review your proposed post if you’re not sure whether or not it would violate rules. If you find posts that violate the rules, please use the report post button (the little button under the poster's avatar), since that helps moderators deal with the issue more quickly.

Most of all, enjoy. It’s very interesting and enlightening to see the different viewpoints of fellow members from around the world.

Amended Kavars Rules


1. Everyone is reminded that Lucasforums is a privately owned corporation and is a PG-13 forum. You are our invited guests. The staff have the challenging job of keeping the forums clean and presentable while not suffocating open discussion. If a thread is locked or a post is edited or deleted, this was a step deemed necessary in the staff's judgment. Please don't throw around irrelevant constitutional law or try to plea the case for 'less censorship'. We're not censoring, we're exercising quality control on something in which we invest a great deal of effort and time. You may present your views and opinions, whether they're popular or not, but you must do so in a respectful and courteous manner appropriate to a PG-13 forum.

2. Posting habits: Kavar's is a forum where serious topics are discussed. If you find yourself getting angry at a person or post in this forum, take time to recover your composure before hitting the 'submit reply' button.

3. We're all human here. Remember that behind all posts there is another human being. Just because you think a poster is behaving in a manner you think silly or ignorant, this does not give you the right to mock them and/or flame them.

4. Personal attacks: We realize many of the topics in Kavar's are controversial or sensitive. However, you need to keep your posts as polite as possible. Attacking other posters, either directly or through veiled insinuation and sarcasm, is not allowed on this forum. If you're feeling the need to make sarcastic comments or attacks on someone, you need to calm down or simply agree to disagree with that person. Posts that are racist, homophobic, sexist, or that directly or indirectly attack someone's character are ad hominem attacks and are not allowed. Veiled insinuations, sarcastic comments, or other impoliteness are also unacceptable, and the poster may well receive sanctions for this behavior.

5. Repeatedly posting the same thing: This refers specifically to repeating the same point over and over in a way that becomes irritating, without an attempt to clarify a point or to contribute to the conversation. This should not be construed to mean that you are required to answer someone else's questions. If it's the same argument and doesn't contribute to the discussion, the post may be edited or deleted, and the poster may receive an infraction.

6. Sanctions: If you have posted something outside of the rules, you will receive a warning or an infraction. Repeated infractions may result in a temporary or permanent ban from Kavar's/Senate forums, or from Lucasforums entirely.

Kavar's is re-opened. The discussion on whether to open it back up, and if so what changes needed to be made, was quite long and involved. It was a spirited debate with many ideas proposed.

Everyone is reminded to review the rules above and the changes below, because you will be held responsible for complying with them. These rules included the amendments made by jonathan7 with staff agreement. There is no grace period--sorry, but people used it up and then some prior to the closure. We want friendly discussion, not people beating up on each other to try to make someone 'convert' to their viewpoint. It's OK if the person you're discussing with never does agree with you. Respect that. You are free to make all the sarcastic comments and finger gestures you want at your monitor, but keep your 'inside voice' inside and not posted here.

After some discussion, we staff have made some changes.

1. jonathan7 and I are the primary moderators for this forum. Other staff will moderate only on an emergency basis for obvious things like double posts or flagrant violations of general forum rules. Rogue Nine will not be moderating in Kavar's at all. Darth333 and tk102 are retired and are not moderating. stoffe is doing system administration for the Lucasforums network and will not be handling member/staff issues.

2. jonathan7 and I communicate by IM pretty frequently about this forum to coordinate tasks and discuss actions. We do this because we want to do our best to be fair in moderating. If you're tempted to go to one of us to change something because you don't like what the other moderator has done, it's not going to work. We're not going to undo the other's actions.

3. We want this forum to be successful, but we can't do that without you. We need you to exercise control over your posts and remember that there's a person behind that avatar. Be polite, be considerate, present your points in a respectful manner, even if you think the other person doesn't deserve it. Take the higher road.

4. We won't be editing posts very often if there's a violation of the rules, we'll simply be deleting them, and you'll need to rewrite it in a way that makes your post in compliance with the rules. Don't ask us the favor of sending you a copy of the deleted post after we've had to go through the trouble of deleting it for inappropriate posting, either. If you want your post to stay on the board, don't violate the rules.

5. We will likewise be utilizing the Kavar's/Senate temp-ban more often. If your posts are out of compliance with forum rules and causing problems in this community, you'll be taking a 24-72 hour cooling-off period for both your good and ours. You will still be able to post in the rest of the forums unless you abuse posting privileges there as well. We recognize that many people have wonderful behavior generally and sometimes get caught up by the wrong thread on the wrong day and just lose it in either of these 2 forums. The cool-off is designed to give you a chance to do just that without banning you completely from the rest of the forum where posting behavior isn't an issue. However, if you repeatedly cause problems in the community, your Kavar's/Senate temp-bans will become permanent, or you'll be banned from Lucasforums entirely. Both of us hope that the ban buttons will get very dusty from disuse, so please don't make us use them.

6. Don't argue with a mod action or make a snotty comment about it in a thread. We'll just delete it and give you a "Kavar's Cool-off". PM us or another appropriate staff member as needed for the issue.

7. Religion/atheism threads have been moved to the subforum containing the political threads, and the subforum has been re-named to "Hot Topics". Please put religion and political threads into that forum.

8. If it becomes clear that people cannot conduct themselves civilly in this forum, we'll either close the "Hot Topics" subforum (if that's the source of the trouble) or the entire Kavar's forum permanently, or we'll change the forum format. Options for that include requiring moderator validation of all posts or flood control the posts so that you'll only be able to post in Kavar's once every half hour or so. Please conduct yourselves civilly so we don't have to go down those routes.

9. Do to the nature of heated discussions in Kavars, we are stricter with the use of inappropriate language here. Post where you can make out the intended message (even when the censor does its job) will be edited. This usually will not result in a warning or infraction unless it is habitual or it is blatant.

Any attempt to blatantly circumvent the censor will be treated appropriately. (Don't blame Jae for spelling in the last one, my fault mimartin)

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