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Originally Posted by windu6
You are really sh*ting yourself Tyrion if you believe the military is not interested in having a starfleet.
The U.S. military have gotten interested in Heim's Quantum Gravity Theory for it's application toward Hyperdrive FTL propulsion.
Also NASA is apart of the U.S. government so some employes at NASA maybe working on secret technology.
And also NASA is not always straight with the public; like their denial or their reluctance to acknowledge the UFO reports that some of it's astronauts have been reporting over the years.
have dirty hands too, when it come to telling the truth, Tyrion.
Yes, but there's a great deal of difference between showing an interest and actually possessing the technology. There's absolutely no evidence that the military or any branch of the government has inter-galactic space ships, if only because we haven't been hearing sonic booms that could shatter mountains. And yes, those ships would be making quite the noise considering they'd have to travel out of the atmosphere fast enough to not be noticed by anyone.

Speaking of which, wouldn't that mean each one would need a nuclear reactor each just to power the sucker? What'd happen if the initiation sequence went boink and was sent in reverse? Man, I'd hate to be the PR spokesman who'd have to deal with the double whammy of both the revelation of extragalactic technology and the fact that there's a giant city-size hole in the middle of the desert.

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