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((If I may suggest, Tepe, you still have Strider's close friend, Cylia, under your jurisdiction. If you get the chance message me on MSN sometime, I have some things to suggest and questions to ask. Also, although Emukiel is searching, I must inform you that Emukiel will discover Strider's technique of fighting at great speed may be SIMILAR to his, but the actual finesse, movements, etc. are entirely original and created off his own studies of lightsaber combat.))

Cylia stood quietly behind Tepe during his time on the bridge, donned in a black Dominion tunic and cloak, she had tended to keep to herself the past year and a half. Tepe wanted her for personal information on Strider, she had assumed initially, but lately she didn't know. She kept up in her training with the other Sith, proving far capable as a reliable ally of Tepe's, but felt that her lack of notice was due to her inept ability to provide with any information as to Strider's whereabouts. Her knowledge of basic uses of Strider's old one on one and one versus many melee techniques had proved quite invaluable to the Dominion, however, and individual soldiers on the battlefield suffered less individual casualties due to the knowledge now of Close Quarters Combat. She began to wonder if she had any use yet, or if she would be used later just as a pawn to draw Strider to Tepe.


"You know this communication is dangerous, you're putting everything at risk just making it, you know that right?"

"I know. But you know why I'm taking that risk," said a low male voice to a dimly lit holocom.

"Who's been after us?"

"Emukiel. He's been digging around your trail for days. Look, whatever it is you're trying to get, I suggest you do it quickly, before he figures out you're out and about."

"My signature is masked. He wouldn't be able to tell me from a regular everyday citizen. Anyway, thanks for the ID, now I know what I need to be worried about. Catch you later Seraxis."

"Good luck old friend. Watch out. Get back here as soon as possible," said Seraxis. The holocron shut off. Strider turned and moved down the alley quickly. He was after something, what exactly no one was sure, but he would find it before Emukiel caught some warmth to his cold trail.

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