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Originally Posted by Tyrion
Can you be for sure that the U.S. military don't possesses starships, since they have massive secrets?

Originally Posted by Tyrion
Or they could be visual phenomenon and misidentification, which is by far much more likely.

Originally Posted by Tyrion
Keep it simple. Once you start adding in plasma induction fields (which, presumably, could be used inside rifles or at least tanks. I wonder why we haven't stuck a few of those babies on some Abrams, eh?) and anti-gravity generators, it brings to light the question of why none of those technologies have diffused into common knowledge and use.
I was explaining that the physics is possible to negate shockwave effects.

Originally Posted by Tyrion
Er, what? Now you're breaking the foundations of all established physics. Practically every scientist since 1905 would be rolling in their grave if E=mc^2 was proven false. Besides which, if we did have just abundant sources of energy why would we be fighting in Iraq essentially for obsolete oil fuel?
Well, all established physics foundations will be broken once we start exploring the universe.
It maybe the case that the right side of the U.S. government don't know what the hell the left side is doing.

But I was saying that a conversion factor t>>1, no units in E=tmc^2
maybe needed for possible unknown energy properties that maybe found in this universe with some unknown matter.

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