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((I know that it isn't, but Emukiel wants to be sure of it. This might be a very intersting duel when they clash together. Two ancient men with similiar styles of lightsaber combat and great skills in force. They might even level Coruscant if they met there ))

Tepe could feel the doubt in the woman nearby. He took a deep breath and let it out while turning around to see Cylia.
"I have taken you in, Cylia. You are a very respected part of the Sith Dominion and if you so wished, you would be appointed General whenever you so pleased. If you have any trust towards me, use it now when I tell you that this new step in this war is something I didn't even imagine would happen. All I wanted was Sith Space, but now I control almost half of the Outer Rim and parts of Mid Rim and Tingel Arm. If you want a more peaceful and less traveling part in this war, I can bump one governor from his seat and hand the place to you" Tepe said and stepped closer to her.

"You have proven yourself useful. Tell me what you want? Payment? A fleet? A planet? A system? A sector? Information? I can even provide you the trip to the hidden planetof the Sith is you so wish. What would make you believe that you are not a pawn nor a bait?" the Sith Lord asked and looked at the Admiral. The Admiral bowed and left to supervise, leaving the two by themselves. Well, the best he could, taking that there were guards near enought to hear as well as the crew.


Emukiel rushed to the landing platform where his ship waited. The captain bowed his greeting as the weequay entered the ship and the ramp was raised. However, the ship didn't leave anywhere yet. It was there like it couldn't lift off, but really Emuiel had told them to wait for a while. Emukiel sat down into a meditative position and started to search the narrow corridors and dark alleyways of the planet. The Jedi would no doubt be on his case in mere minutes, but by then he would be done and the ship either lifting off or the weequay heading back down. He didn't expect much as a result with all the people and taking he didn't know what Strider's force sign was like, but he just had to try before leaving.

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