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Originally Posted by Ray Jones
Then what are you complaining about if we actually *have* and are *using* superior space technology?
It's very obvious what I'm complaining about they keep this stuff secret.
Originally Posted by Ray Jones
How can you be sure that, somewhere in another solar system, possibly even right now, there is not a human craft attempting to have a touch down on some rocky planet?
Of course, I can't be completely sure I'm not in the loop, concerning the secrets of the U.S. government; I'm speculating that some of those UFOs probably have the U.S Airforce or U.S. Navy seal on them.

Jim Goodall a aviation expert pose a question concerning whats at Area 51 to Ben Rich a now decease former vice president and was head propulsion engineer of 'Skunk Works' that developed the U-2 spyplane and SR-71 Blackbird and F-117 Stealth fighter.
Originally Posted by from Area 51 - the Dreamland Chronicles" by David Darlington
Jim Goodall : "Ben Rich told me twice before he died: 'We have things at Area 51 that you and the best minds in the world won't even be able to conceive that we have for 30 or 40 years, and won't
be made public for another 50.' A friend of mine at Lockheed told me: 'We have things in the Nevada desert that are alien to your way of thinking -- far beyond anything you see on Star Trek.'
One time I interviewed a retired senior master sergeant who had been at Groom Lake three different times as an Air Force safety specialist. ... At first he was real nervous, but when he warmed up he told me: 'We have things that would make George Lucas envious.' I know one retired guy who worked at Lockheed for 30 years, most of the time at Area 51 ; he's very proud of what he's done, and he wants the story of the place to be told so that his grandchildren will have some idea of what he was involved in. In the summer of '86 I asked him if he believes in UFOs. He said, They absolutely, positively do exist !' I said, 'Can you expand on that?' And he said, 'No, I've said too much as it is.' "
So, something maybe is going on out there at Groom Lake.
That is really fascinating!

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