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Originally Posted by windu6
It's very obvious what I'm complaining about they keep this stuff secret.
No you didn't:
Originally Posted by windu6, earlier in this thread
One main thing that stop all human progress is our strong dependency on money, if money was no issue we will probably colonizing the Milky Way right now.
As along as money determine our fate in the galaxy we will be stuck on this planet for 10,000s of years, never to leave until over population force us to leave.
The physics is there, money and laziness of our society only holds us back.
I cannot find such statement.. Actually you came up with the "military's keepin' it secret argument" not before post #59.

More obviously you mocked the "fact" that we (mankind) have not reached out to travel into distant space.

Right now you say that "they" probably or even almost for sure already have technology for space travel (and even starships) at hand. But wouldn't that mean we're into space travel already? And if that's so, wouldn't be the only logical thing to do be to actively use it for what it's been made for?

So basically, if anyone on this planet has constructed a cool space craft with whateveritscalledfasttravellingtechnology, I'll bet my life any time, it has been used already, hence your argumentation about laziness would be not correct.

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