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Originally Posted by Ray Jones
No you didn't:
I cannot find such statement.. Actually you came up with the "military's keepin' it secret argument" not before post #59.
You must have not seen my previous old thread:Who believe that the world's militaries may have been secretly builing star fleets? I been speculating about this since 09-15-2006, 10:53 PM.
Originally Posted by Ray Jones
More obviously you mocked the "fact" that we (mankind) have not reached out to travel into distant space.
Yes, I mock the fact, it's ridiculous.

Originally Posted by Ray Jones
So basically, if anyone on this planet has constructed a cool space craft with whateveritscalledfasttravellingtechnology, I'll bet my life any time, it has been used already, hence your argumentation about laziness would be not correct.
There are lazy people who don't want expedite matters to fast concerning interstellar travel.
They want delay it for generations and solve every single problem here first, or they don't care about interstellar travel
Leave that matter 50 years or so in the future, as the opinions they have.

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