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Originally Posted by Emporer Devon
Organizing a debate like this can be quite helpful. It can help clear up what justification your opponent has for their beliefs, it can allow you to systematically disprove their case without having to address all their arguments... It's been immensely helpful for me when debating.
Hmm, the probelm with providing a solution to an argument is the assumption you are right or another person is wrong (for example does a tree make a sound when it falls down when no-one is around?). Generally in any of my arguments I will state the facts as I know them, both those that support my argument and those that oppose it. I merley seek to provoke thought and for people to understand my perspective not necaserily because I'm right. So for example, as many of you may have gathered I am a Christian, however when on arguments of faith I will try and present the facts as I know them, and if someone draws an opposite conclusion so be it. I merely try to understand what, how and why someone thinks, even if I dont agree with them. One of the great Greek Philosophers (I forget which one) said 'The sign of an educated mind is the ability to contemplate anothers arguments without necasarily agreeing with them'.

Thats my 2cents

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