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Originally Posted by jonathan7
Hmm, the probelm with providing a solution to an argument is the assumption you are right or another person is wrong (for example does a tree make a sound when it falls down when no-one is around?).
Assumptions have to made. Take a trial proceeding. The prosecutor, with the support of acceptable evidence, assumes that the defendant is guilty and will use that assumption in the arguments to the jury/judge that the defendant is guilty of the crime. The same can be said for the defense attorney seeing as they operate on the assumption that their client is innocent. The whole legal system is based upon the assumption that suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Originally Posted by jonathan7
Generally in any of my arguments I will state the facts as I know them, both those that support my argument and those that oppose it. I merley seek to provoke thought and for people to understand my perspective not necaserily because I'm right.
You say you seek to provoke thought. Isn't that an assumption in of itself that it will provoke thought? All arguments present facts as they are known and received and are usually of reputable sources. Sorry Wikipedia doesn't cut it. What I mean by a reputable source is one that is respected within its realm. If the topic is on a science question then science journals or even personal research helps because you also have to draw from work previously done.

Originally Posted by jonathan7
One of the great Greek Philosophers (I forget which one) said 'The sign of an educated mind is the ability to contemplate anothers arguments without necasarily agreeing with them'.
You don't have to agree yes but you have to acknowledge that there is evidence that contradicts yours.

ED: This thread is a good idea. I was never on the debate team or anything like that but I have presented even though it is research in a classroom.

A good thing to remember is that when you go to make an argument, it is wise to do a bit of research. If you want to take a stand, you have to be able to back it up with credible evidence. Like a criminal trial, evidence or lack thereof is a necessary component in which to convince the jury that the defendant is guilty/not guilty. When you research, don't just read all the information that supports your position but read what is against it. This goes in the face of knowing your enemies and the like but it helps. It makes you look like an intelligent person who is aware that there is contradictory evidence and you have the knowledge to back it up.

That was my two bit for the day. Nice job on the idea ED. That is one point in your favor

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