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Homeopathic "medicine" and other alternative methods of healing

First off, too get in the mood, let's watch as James "the amazing" Randi shoots down homeopathy. His view, basically, is that homeopathy is ineffective (presumably except from the placebo effect which must be present) as
  1. The idea, which is that if you dilute a substance significantly, its effect upon ingestion is reversed, has no backing, and
  2. That the ratio of medicine:non-medicine of the doses are far too small to have any effect anyway.
Wikipedia has more.

Now, I have a friend who's shamelessly crazy about everything alternative, up to, but very likely not limited to, a belief that she's protected by "the ones up there" 24 hours a day. This, coupled with the films on "the Amazing" Randi I've seen on Google Video, are to be blamed for me making this thread. Homeopathic "medicine" is sold at ludicrous costs all over Europe; faith healing and acupuncture is widespread; and psychics, in the year of 2007, claim to be able to read your mind.

What are your opinions on alternative medicine, psychics, faith-healing, et al?

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