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Seraxis entered a meeting room in which the other Sith Hunters were waiting. The past year and a half had been strenuous to get them to accept and trust him, as he was very, very far delved into the dark arts of the Force, but much to their surprise, the Hunters found Seraxis a friendly man, who had, much to their amazement, found incredible, practical uses for the Dark Side, which he was glad to teach the Hunters what he knew.

"Where's Strider?" Katherine immediately asked, before any other matters could be settled. She and Strider had grown close over the past year and a half as he became her instructor. He had decided she would be the one he taught what he knew to her. The other Sith Hunters had seen a tremendous performance difference in the past year in Katherine, the training had seriously boosted her confidence and ability.

"He's closing in on his target. I just hope that Emukiel doesn't catch him. Strider can more than handle himself, but if he catches Strider's signature, he'll be able to track him all the way back to us no matter how well he hides his signature," Seraxis informed.

"He needs to hurry then," Katherine concluded.

"Yes, but he said he's almost found what he's looking for. We can only continue to trust him," Seraxis said solemnly.


Strider walked quickly through the street, weaving his way through the crowd with no difficulty. He blended in perfectly, looked just like a local. He had decided to be dressed as a Hunter, or even in Robes, would have been far too noticable, and took tedious care in looking like the rest. He was almost there, he could feel it. It would not be long now.

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