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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
Boil up lizards and scorpions to drink? That's alternative. If it works, better than conventional medication, then go for it.
Some people drink snake venom, Nancy.
I surely hell would not drink snake poison, but they say it make them stronger or live longer or something like that.
Snake venom could relieve arthritis, this article discuss that snake venom could relieve arthritis by a synthetic form of venom minus the toxins.
I believe a lot of things in nature could lead to treatments to health problems or cure diseases like AIDS, if we have not destroyed whatever those things are yet; by rainforest destruction, that may exist in nature.
Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
As an aside, certain types of medication are a big no no, the type that contains codine is one I can think of, because it can be deadly to some.
You are talking about a derivative of opium codeine; used as an antitussive (to relieve coughing) and an analgesic (to relive pain).
Yes I agree; deadly to some since we all have different health characteristics.
So, a lot of treatments will have complex effects on different kind of individuals of our species.

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