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Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
Now, I have a friend who's shamelessly crazy about everything alternative, up to, but very likely not limited to, a belief that she's protected by "the ones up there" 24 hours a day. This, coupled with the films on "the Amazing" Randi I've seen on Google Video, are to be blamed for me making this thread. Homeopathic "medicine" is sold at ludicrous costs all over Europe; faith healing and acupuncture is widespread; and psychics, in the year of 2007, claim to be able to read your mind.

What are your opinions on alternative medicine, psychics, faith-healing, et al?
Psychics: unless they have Force Heal, I'm not trusting them.
Also I don't trust no one who can read my mind.
Alternative medicine: maybe; the plants and the lifeforms(their genes or organisms in their cellular make up) in nature maybe beneficial to us; fighting diseases and general health treatments.
Faith healing: Well, that is the religious department, not my cup of tea.

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