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Danera suddenly jumped up an left the ship, leaving the Captain only to look at his back. The man wore the tunics similiar to those he wore during the Hundred Year Darkness with a much more larger style of robe ontop of them. It was closed around the Weequay with a series of design tricks, including that it was indeed meant to be much like a monk's robes instead of those worn by the jedi of the Clone Wars. The robe was a very dark brown and had the utility belt hidden under it with a lightsaber of archaic design hanging from the left side. He crosed his hands so they went within the sleeves, but left the hood stay down. When he hopped into the speeder, he took his hands from the sleeves, closed the cockpit and rushed off. He had detected something coming from the lower levels not far from the landing pad. He ad no idea if it was Strider, but it had the echo of a couple of millenias in it, so he trusted his instincts.

As he flew over the crowds at the lower levels, the sign came stronger and stronger. He knew now exactly where it was coming from, but with the crowd, he had no possibility of knowing exactly from what or who the sign came from. He flew over Strider, not noticing him, but the weequay was intelligent enought to go ahead of the sign and land the speeder in a dark alleyway. As he stepped out from the speeder, the sign passed him again. The Weequay grumbled quietly, closed the cockpit and rushed off to tail the sign. He hadn't had this hard of a time locating someone since he was trying to find the Sith Lords behind the Hundred Year Darkness. By the time he was rushing throught the crowds, the sign had grown fainter again. He had to trust his instincts then.

((Actually, this might explain the robes much better than my description))

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