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Inside the Cantina on the system of Bandomeer sat a man hidden within a black robe, he sitting in the corner with his head leaned back against the wall watching the regulars at the cantina make fools out of themselves over the entertainers. Valin watched as a drunken Sneevel slowly staggered over to them and Valin lowered his hood down to look at the Sneevel who was staring Valin down. Valin cocked his head to the side, only to have the Sneevel reach into its coat and slowly pull out a blaster holding it up

"Yoush looks like a Jedish." Stammered the Sneevel as he staggered a step closer to Valin who was watching the Sneevel, and couldn't help but to let out a slight chuckle into his robe.

"A Jedi huh? Well, your a bit off." Mumbled Valin as Valin rose to his feet infront of the Sneevel hovering a good foot and half over him and folding his arms across his chest.

"I knowz I jedish whens I sees em! I hate Jedish they thinks they are betta then me! Yous thinks yoush better then me!!" Yelled the Sneevel as the Cantina quickly quieted down and the sneevel rose its blaster right into the face of Valin, who only grinned and glanced down to the sneevel.

"Your making a mistake, scumbag." Chuckled Valin as the Sneevel angerly backed up a pace and stomped its foot on the ground.

The Sneevel pulled the trigger of a blaster and a scream echoed through the cantina but, as the blaster neared Valin he whipped out an extrodinary line of red light and held it up at the shot, it deflecting the blast back at the Sneevel but, missing it by a few inches and slamming into a cup of Jawa Juice. The Sneevel turned to spot the cup of Jawa Jucie explode before turning back to Valin, but stopped dead in its tracks feeling a pressure on its neck.

The Sneevel saw Valin clenching his fist halfway, and the farther he did it the more the air was cut off from its windpipe. The Sneevel began to angerly struggle before, pupils in its eyes going big and then it going limp. Valin grinned and released the choke dropping the Sneevel to the floor, before making his way through the silent crowd slowly and exiting the Cantina.
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