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Just an FYI for anyone interested: KotOR and KotOR II are both backwards compatible for the XBox 360, but you need to download a special update from to play them. This is how my husband and I did it for our XBox 360. It's really very easy to do. All you need is a blank cd and a couple of minutes to download it, then copy it over to your XBox 360.

(The url for the update link is kind of tricky to find, so here's a link to it directly. Save this and put it on a BLANK cd disc then pop it in your 360 and copy it over. That's all. No biggie. )

BTW, the graphics for KotOR I and KotOR II on the 360 are AWESOME!!! Makes the XBox version look pitiful in comparison. We have the PC versions as well as the XBox versions of both games and the graphics for both on the 360 look almost (but not quite) as good as the PC games.

(But the music is a tad glitchy on the 360. The voiceover work is okay, but the music doesn't meet up with the actions of the game(s) sometimes. More an annoyance than anything, really...)

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