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((Welcome to the RP. Find yourself something to do and please don't murder too many Dominion soldiers))

As the people started to leave the cantina, a hovercraft stopped. It was the Bandomeer security, a rather autonomous police force on the planet. One of the officers mounted the small turret while the driver kept the engine running while the two other officers climbed out, took their rifles ready in their hands with the barrel pointing down and went in to see what happened. Taking the planet had just been succesfully defended from the Galactic Alliance, the Police and Dominion soldiers were still in high alert with all officers patrolling the streets. As the officers entered the cantina, two hoverbikes stopped next to it. The men riding them were wearing the Dominion symbol with proud on their capes. The officers knew exactly who they were. They were a couple of them Dark Jedi that were in charge of all problems where those strong with the force were involved. These two had obviously sensed the Jedi's presence and now came to look around. The driver said that most of the customers had already left the cantina but were still nearby. The dark jedi left off after the crowd, calling out for all cantina customers to return to the cantina or face Dominion law instead of Bandomeerian, which would mean much more tedious and harsh treatment towards them.

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