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Valin began to wander down the streets seemingly unnoticed to the people around him, for they were all busy with their own thing. Valin heard the sounds of hoverbikes behind him and slowly turned around to spot two dominion soldiers hovering behind him. Valin cocked his head at them before swiping his cloak a little to the left to hide his lightsaber.

"Problem?" Asked Valin calmy folding his arms over his chest as the Dominion Members step off the hoverbikes and go on either side of Valin sorrounding him from two sides keeping eyes locked on him, and there hands on their waists where their lightsabers lay.

"Their was... a problem within the cantina. Know anything about that?" Asked one of the Dominion Soldiers as he pulled his lightsaber off his belt loop and ignited it into a ray of red light.

"Nothing much. Just arrived here, thought I would look around the streets. Nice Shops you got here by the way." Valin mumbled before eyeing the red lightsaber being held inches from his chest and grinned slightly, at the threat the Dark Jedi was attempting to make.

"The person in the cantina was a force user. I can feel the same presense within you. Care to explain that?" Asked the Dominion Member, as he nodded his head to the Dominion Member on the opposite side of Valin and he too ignited his lightsaber and a grin spread across Valin's face.

"Well, even if I did have an excuse... You wouldn't let me get up and leave anyway. So lets cut the formalities shall we?" Said Valin as the Dominion Soldiers looked at him oddly and confused, before understanding moments later and the one who had been silent lifted his lightsaber up to strike Valin down.

Valin ducked under the slash from the lightsaber and held an open palm out Force Pushing the Dominion Soldier back into one of the buildings, he literally crashing through the wall with speed and rumble falling onto his torso. Valin turned to spot the other solider, running at him with his lightsaber lifted high above his head carelessly. Valin whipped his lightsaber out and caught the strike with it, before fighting back with a slash to left and then to the right teasing the soldier into thinking he might have a chance of defeating Valin.

The Soldier began to frantically swing his lightsaber missing Valin completely 50% of the time. Valin was forced to chuckle at this before feeling a hot pain on his shoulder and looked over to spot a burnt slash on his shoulder. Valin looked at the Solider who was looking at Valin with a sick twisted grin. Valin lifted his hand up, and the Solider ran at Valin looking to strike him first, but failed. Valin released an extrodionary show of lightning from his finger tips and the lightning began to surge through the Soldiers body before blowing him backwards into the wall behind him. Valin deignited his lightsaber and grinned, before walking over to the man he had just attacked and heard his faint breathing.

"Next time, I won't be so pleasant." Mumbled Valin before driving the tip of boot into the rib of the Dominion Dark Jedi as he rolled over onto his stomache.

Valin heard the faint sounds of hoverbikes in the distance and quickly turned his head around the street seeing the eyes of thousands looking at him. Valin whipped his hood up over his head, before jumping over the crowd of people into an alley and began to sprint down the alley away from the commosion.
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