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((Sorry guys. This will be my last post till about 8:00 tonight. I'm heading to my girlfriends till then. So, I'll continue my part of the story then. Feel free to continue without me. I'll read up when I get back ))

Valin walked for what seemed to be hours, but in reality only turned out to be a couple of minutes and he approached the hangar bay controlled by the Dominion however most that mattered didn't know about the going ons in the streets and cantina yet. Valin approached the YT-1300 with a purple and white astro droid quickly springing to life and making noises such as "Bee doop Dwoooo"

"R7, bring up holorecording 2224" Mumbled Valin as he pulled a small board with a screen out of the cockpit and looked it over before plugging it into a small compartment in the pit and staring at the screen as a hologram sprung to life out of it, a man with a black scruffy beard and black hair cascading halfway down his back.

"My Apprentice, If you are seeing this Holocron I am long passed death. I've taught you everything I know about the force, and I knew if I weren't to die a second later you would have slain me down with little effort. That is why I made this Holocron. I suggest you stay out of the war and set your sights... higher. Go to Korriban to the tomb of Marko Rangnos and the mysteries will be revealed"

The Holocron ended and Valin tossed the board back into the cockpit as the glass sheilding covered it again. Valin leaned against the ship for a moment, and let a sigh escape his lips. Valin cocked his head upwards to spot many ships pass by in the sky and looked around hearing the talk of the Cantina and Street battles with the Dominion and the Sneevel. Valin grinned and wished to still head to Korriban but, needed one more thing before he could leave.

Valin pushed off the his ship he was leaning against and began to wander back into the streets, passing many Dominion Soliders and Dark Jedi but they not noticing him much. They were all distracted with something like he was with his mission to Korriban. But, his mission he had created in the process was... revenge on Shrouded Future.

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