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It did not take long for Cylia to arrive at the planet with the men. Her senses went immediately into high alert. She scanned the Force signatures of everyone, sensing the signatures of the Dominion members, searching for the signature of the elusive Jedi. It did not take long to find him. He stood out well against the general population and the signatures of the Dominion's Dark Jedi. She began to close in, taking various side alleys and shortcuts, though making sure all of the men sent with her kept up. Finally, she closed in on him. To him, the streets had suddenly gotten empty and he found himself surrounded by the men, and Cylia, who ignited her lightsaber.

"Lord Tepe of the Sith Dominion has decreed you are to come quietly with us for an audience with the Lord. You can either do this the easy way or the hard way, if you make it easier on yourself it would be far more worth your while," Cylia said, eyeing the man in case he would try anything.


Strider could sense Emukiel's signature very easily amongst the crowds of the people. He tried more to mask his identity, blending even better with the large crowds. He had to get what he was after. He took a turn down a walkway that led further down, towards the lower levels of the city, obviously going to be slummish and filled with the less pleasant life of the city. He hoped to find what he was looking for before Emukiel found him, if not, he might not have another chance.

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