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((I fixed the problems in my previous post))

Valin glanced around him to the men sorrounding him before letting a grin spread across his face and lowered his hood taking a step toward Cylia and reached into his cloak keeping his hand on his lightsaber in case things may get hasty with the Dominion Dark Jedi.

"Far worth my while ey? Well, I would figure that would be a invite into the Dominion which I'm not to intrested about." Valin said, before pulling his lightsaber off of his belt loop and igniting it into a show of red light.

"Disagreeing with you, will probably just be a big pain. But, agreeing with you would mean I would have venture a rather far way. Both ways have their pros and cons." Valin glanced around to the soldiers then staring back at Cylia before gently bumping his saber into hers grinning at her reaction.

Valin backflipped backwards and landed behind the soldier them immedietley turning toward him ready to shoot, but Valin instead tossed his lightsaber to the floor letting it deignite as a sign that he was no threat. Valin bended down and picked up his saber before turning to face Cylia.

"Lets get going then... shall we?" Valin mumbled before grinning and turning his back awaiting Cylia to lead him to this Lord Tepe.
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