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Cylia smiled. "Glad you see it our way. Guards, take him to the ship," she said briefly, and led the way back to the ship. They boarded, and the ship left immediately to return to Lord Tepe. Cylia sat quietly across from the man, personally keeping her eye on him to ensure nothing happened.


Strider wove his way into an apartment complex in the slums, the rooms were small, he made his way to the back and turned down a corner to a dead end. He cursed himself quietly. He knew he'd have to draw on the Force to do this next action, and it would immediately alert Emukiel to his presence. He'd have to grab what he was looking for and go. Strider lifted his hand and concentrated. Blue symbols appeared on the wall momentarily, then a door slid open. Strider quickly entered, finding the room empty save for a few items - A long, thin bladed sword in a sheath, which he quickly grabbed. The other item, an old data pad. He quickly grabbed that and tucked it inside his clothing. The last thing was a locked black box. He gazed at it for a moment, before grabbing it and tucking it into the tattered duster he was wearing, then left the room, waving his hand behind him to close it as he left, sword in hand, pockets filled with the other two items.

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