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As Strider exited the house, he found himself staring at an old, wrinkled Weequay face. Emukiel smiled as he looked at Striderand took a step back.
"I know you. I was there when you were brought back from Kyron. Ha! Those days I was the Grand Master, believe it or not. Just about a month after you arrived and the council argued over what had happened, I left the order and became one of the Lost Twenty. Hm... It seems like yesterday" he mused and crossed his arms within their sleeves. The ancient jedi watched Strider and prodded his mind with the Force. He was very intrigued of this man.
"I have heard stories of your lightsaber skills, boy. It is time we tested those skills. Now go easy on me. I'm a bit rusty after all these millenias of resting" Emukiel said before suddenly gasping.
"By the Force! I haven't introduced myself. Wherever are my manners? I am Emukiel Al-Saefar former Grand Master of the Old Jedi Order. Althought, you probably already knew that by now." he said and bowed before opening his robes and taking out a lone lightsaber.
"Now, I didn't bring my proper sword, so if you don't have your lightsaber around, I can lend you one" he offered with a grin, taking the staring position of his own style of Vaapad, a style he hadn't used to it's proper extent since the Republic came a peaceful place to live in.


Phasma jumped out of hyperspace near Thule and closed in on the planet, staying to orbit it when close enought. A Valcyn-class Shuttle was released with Tepe and his guards inside. The shuttle entered the atmosphere of the planet and finally landed on Palace ground. Soldiers were marching by the main entrance and towards the large gates leading out to the city. The company was in charge of Palace security and stopped by the gate for a change of guards. The old guards formed next to them, the two captains saluted each others and then switched the refreshed guards for the old ones. The whole thing was full of small traditions which Tepe had by now stopped to notice. He and the guards walked into the Palace and down the decorated halls. Guards would every now and then depart when they went past their guard posts. By the time Tepe reached the largest hall with a throne behind a large desk, the only one with him was the Colonel. The Sith Lord sat down and looked at the seat next to him where the Colonel sat down on. Tepe sighed and slumped down on the throne. This whole ordeal was more than tiresome to him, but for the morale he needed to keep a strong attitude when not in private.
"Colonel, I need some alone time. Inform me when we can start the meeting" he said and dismissed the Colonel. As the doors closed and were locked, the Sith Lord sat down on the seat in a meditative position and started to meditate.
'Why did I ever start this war?' he thought and straightened his back, falling into a refreshing meditation session. He had needed to clear his thoughts for many weeks now and getting that huge blockage out of his brain might help him in thinking about a finalizing strike. How could he stop the fighting when the Galactic Alliance would not listen to him. It would mean he needed someone in the senate to start spreading th thought of ending the war for good.

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