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It was interesting how she went through the wall with that crystal... well. To the library. Jacen went and started browsing volumes that had to do with ods and the empire. Nothing, no. He was about to leave, when, knocking a book with no title off the shelf, he saw it contained the infromation he needed. ... and putting down my pen, I darens't copy the true volume, but I can tell you that the empire is doomed, within nine years of this books printing. Jacen gulped and checked the date. The Empire obviously didn't have much time left. He browed some of the other chapters. Maybe this was just some quack who didn't know what he was talking abuot, although this was in the holy library, or whatever it was called. Jacen skipped the chapters about religion and astrology and found incredibly brilliant analyises of the Empire, with economics, demographics, everything. He had even refined this "The Book"'s prediction of the end of the official empire from a year down to a week. Jacen's heart started beating faster. He went to put the book back on teh shelf. He put it back, but then he heard something behind him. He spun around. No one there. Per perhaps he was just jumpy. But wait, there it was again. He carried a longknife with him all the time for protection, but somehow he thought a knife wouldn't be much use against whatever awaited him here. He ran straight out of the temple and back to his carraige. "Go!" he breathed, eyes wide.

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