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Originally Posted by DarthSion101
Wow, suprising to see so many that didn't care for Sion. In my opinion, Sion is a character that was completely amazing, and his storyline cannot end in KOTOR 2, I think he was far more clever than he was given credit. HE salive, no doubt about it, I just didn't buy the whole, glad to leave this place at last ending, the power of the darkside cannot be so easily undone. He exacted his final vengeance on Traya, by allowing her to fall at the hands of the Exile, the thing she loved most. Sion is out there, and I believe he'll make a sweeping return in the next game.....if they ever make one lol. But I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see him appear in future EU fiction, games or literature, because there is a whole lot of story to examine there. Any other big fans of Sion, check out my fanfic in Coruscant Entertainment district called Darth Sion: A legacy Of Pain..........its on either page 7 or 8.

Not at all biased in your post Darth Sion101 I think Sion was a really cool badguy, I think he is far superior to Malak, in my opinion Malak sucked big time! I liked Sion's power, and I don't know why people think its un-realistic. After Obi-Wan had beaten Vader he kept himself alive due to the DS untill the Emporer found him. So why couldn't Sion do this? And in all honesty Nihilus and Sion's powers are alot less silly than alot of what has happened in the EU! I remember when I first saw the Video of Sion arriving at Peragus I was thinking 'Poo in no way am I ready to face this guy!'

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