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The pilot contacted the Dominion and instructed them to inform Tepe that the Jedi had already been caught.

Cylia had been sitting up perfectly straight the whole time, her eyes following him as he moved. She said calmly, with little to no emotion in her voice, "You will find out in time. I will say no more than that."


Strider gritted his teeth. He knew he would have been caught up to. Strider shrugged off his robe, which still had two of the three items in it, and tossed it aside, then tossed the sword in its sheath on top of it.

"I have my own," he said briefly. He took his lightsaber blade off his belt and ignited the blade, holding it to his side for the moment. His blue eyes contrasted greatly behind his messy black hair and dark clothing, staring penetratingly back at Emukiel.

"Looking for me lately? You might as well ask any questions you have, because you'll only tire yourself trying to break into my mind, I suggest you save that energy for more productive purposes," Strider warned.

The dark blue blade blurred around Strider for a quick moment before he brought it to a ready position in his own original stance, its originality lending no hint to its advantages or disadvantages.

"Let's go, you first, because as they say," he paused, smirking at Emukiel, taunting him, "Age before beauty."

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