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Valin scowled at the Dark Jedi for a moment, before beginning to wander around the ship and turned back to the bench holding his hand out as his lightsaber hilt came to him and he caught it igniting it into red energy and staring a Cylia his eyes looking at hers with a cold glare.

"If you shall not tell me... then I suppose their is no reason to stay." Said Valin as a grin spread across his lips.

Valin turned around and drove the lightsaber into the door slicing through it and beginning to go up and over it in a doorshape. Once Valin made a doorshape he could squeeze through, he kicked it down to enter into the ships cockpit. Valin grinned as the pilot turned around and he let go of his lightsaber force pushed it forward and it driving directly through the pilot's head, and the ship began to spin out of control with no pilot. Valin forced the lightsaber to return to his hand and turned back to the door awaiting Cylia holding his lightsaber to his side.
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