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Originally Posted by Arbiter
I know, we haven't had an update for a long time. This is part one of 2 updates.

The recent apparent inactivity was due to the team being extremely busy trying to finish the minimod, and some other stuff.

A quick update on the minimod first. There are still a few maps and skins that need rfinishing up, as well as a bit of coding and some icons.
Once we take care of those, it will be sent out to our beta testers for about a week of testing and bug fixing, after which it will be availible for download. It will include 4 new Galactic Conquest maps, 8 new planets and redone planet maps of 8 other planets. A full unit list will probably be posted in part 2 of this update.

Here is a list of the beta testersthat have been chosen for testing the minimod:
Darth Dino

Next off, we have some renders.

First, we have Delta Squad. This will be an extremely useful (and cool) Republic hero when R3 comes around.

Next comes the ARC trooper, a Republic minor hero.

Then we have the AAC-1. This is tank for the Rebellion.

Now there is the UT-AT. This is one of the Republic's Artillery units.

Then we have one of the CIS's most powerful heroes, and his bodyguards.

And finally, our new Venator model. This was given to us by GU, which I have been made leader of due to the resignation of the old leader.

Last, we have to say goodbye (at least temporarily) to Ben, AKA Grand Admiral Makati. Prior to his resignation, caused by a homework overload, he was one of the coleaders of the mod. He has been with the mod since day 1, and will be missed.

-Thrawn's Revenge

Dude, those are some cool pics.

"May the force be with you."

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