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"My Lord Tepe," a messenger said, knocking lightly on Tepe's door. "The Lady Charna's flagship has just dropped out of hyperspace and entered orbit of the planet. She has radioed her arrival and asked us to inform you that she would be landing in ten minutes."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"You can never have enough training," Reibe Vailar said patiently, easily batting away a frustrated stroke of Jahara's lightsaber. "And your current frustration proves it further. Jahara, if you believe you have reached your maximum potential, you will never improve."

"What if I have?" Jahara demanded, exasperated. "What if I'm just not meant to be your match at saber combat?"

"Then you are meant for surpassing me in another area," Reibe answered. She shut off her saber and Jahara followed suit.

"And what is that?" she wondered. Reibe smiled faintly.

"Use of the Force," she replied. "I wonder that I had not seen it sooner." She closed her eyes, relaxing ever so slightly as if she were being saturated in the Force. Her smile deepened. "Oh, my dear Jahara, I do wonder at myself now... the Force is a tornado around you... a mighty whirlwind of great power, eager to be tapped and wielded for the greater good."

Jahara shifted uncomfortably. "Oookay..." she muttered. Reibe's eyes snapped suddenly open.

"Think quickly! Act quicker!" she barked, summoning all her strength in the Force to hurl a powerful push at Jahara. With a quick, dismissive gesture, Jahara overturned the oncoming shove, directing it into the nearest wall. Their surroundings shook violently, knocking Reibe to the ground, but Jahara kept her footing. Reibe stood slowly.

"How blind I have been," she whispered, awestruck by what she had just witnessed. She approached Jahara and reached up to put her hands on the younger woman's head. Jahara gasped as an image flashed through her mind.

"And that's what it is..." she stammered. "... what you see, when you look at me?"

Reibe smiled. "Yes."

Kneeling before her unofficial teacher, Jahara commanded, "Train me."
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