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Ooh, my mistake. Eagle's Queen of Clubs (I think).

Anyway, you're going to have to buy the Vines painting and Window painting. The Vines is just so you can get on the rooftop, taunt the wrestlers you beat, collect figments, and bust more stuff for arrow heads/balls of hate/energy.

Use the big pole near Dalmation, climb up, hang left by the shouting censor, and you should come to a dead end with a hook. Place the window painting there. Finished collecting everything you want? (You can go back, but it's slightly tedious.) Good, jump through the window and you end up very close to Queen of Spades/Cobra and the Matador. Go see the matador, FIRST. He'll give you the confusion grenades you need to stop Cobra.

Lob it at him, punch, dodge when he confuses you, repeat. Eh eh-eh, Eh eh-eh. Go see Edgar and face some bull.
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