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Cylia leapt up, blade ignited and immediately began lightsaber combat with Valin, not waiting for him to get ready. She also threw her hand out forward and using the Force, activated the autopilot mechanism to bring the ship back to stability. Their blades clashed several times, her finesse with the blade was quite impeccable, using a style that the young Jedi was not familiar with. In a sweeping move, she locked blades with him, hooked her foot on his leg and lifted it off the ground, then moved her arm behind his neck and quickly drove him to the floor. She placed one foot on his back and the blade to his neck. The other soldiers onboard the shuttle scrambled out of the quarters and pointed their blasters at the Jedi. One confiscated his now deactivated lightsaber, and another brushed past Cylia to take control of the shuttle once more, moving the dead pilot's body away.

"You chose the hard way, I see," she said at last, and nodded at one of the guards. They secured his hands in Force-repellant cuffs, standard use for kidnapping Force Sensitives, hauled him to his feet, and pushed him into a room of confinement.

Cylia brushed her hair out of her face and stepped into the cockpit. "Hopefully we'll have no more interruptions..." she muttered.


Seraxis trained with Katherine, her blade spinning expertly around his, the young man having difficult keeping up with the far more experienced female duelist.

"I can definitely tell you learned from Strider," he commented, blocking another one of her strikes barely.

"Training under him is an experience not easily forgotten," Katherine commented back, making another series of swift blows that almost, to Seraxis, seemed to have come from every possible front angle.

"Yes, he's very good, but I think I finally found a flaw in your adaptation of his technique," he declared with a grin.

"Really? I'd like you to prove it," Katherine said tauntingly.

He did, he found a crucial flaw in her movements. He was easily able to bat her blade aside during one of her swings, stepped to the side while Katherine spun to counter, and moved his blade forward, ending it up at her neck.

"Gotcha," he said confidently.

Katherine raised her eyebrow at him suggestively, then lowered her eyes down and smirked. Seraxis frowned for a moment, feeling a strange heat below him. He looked down and found her blade just between his legs, just as easily ready to cut him in half as he was to cut off her head.

"'s a draw," he said conclusively. He knew she was still a far better lightsaber combatant than he, but he'd also taught her very many things about Force usage that she'd never have imagined possible.

"You need more practice," she said with a laugh, and Seraxis nodded, retreating to the other side of the room and getting ready again.

"Again?" he offered.

And the two began to intertwine in the dueling dance once again.

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