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((You didn't even give me a chance to defend. but, whatever I guess))

Grinned slightly and quietly snug in position watch Cylia before attempting to break the cuffs and when noticing he couldn't once again began to wander the ship with the cuffs attached being watched at all times by the soldiers. Valin took a seat next to Cylia and looked out the cockpit window watching the Stars Pass.

"Your lucky that wasn't you Cylia. But, I wanted to give you a chance to prove your worth. You did that well, I must say" Valin grinned as he leaned back in a sitting position attempting to get comfortable in his position.

"You know I could have easily knocked you out when you were caught off guard. I chose not to. Remember that Cylia." Mumbled Valin before closing his eyes and entering a stage of deep meditation.


"Give it up Yevel!" A voice yelled through the plains of Dantooine as a Rodian shoots up from over a hill sprinting for an estate in the nearby plains as the sounds of a jetpack glare behind him.

A man dressed in light green battle armor, he helmet being a cut smooth at the top and sliding down the edges in zig-zag formation all the way to his light green battle armor which lay smoothly on his chest a snug fit. The Man began toward Yevel approaching either side of him before, beginning to blast him with his rifle but the Rodian proved resistant.

"Get out of here ya damn bounty hunter!" Yelled Yevel before turning around and tossing a Frag Gernade at the man, but the man lifted his hand up and brought it down deflecting the gernade back at Yevel and blowing up the sorrounding feild around Yevel and his legs along with it.

Yevel gripped onto the dirt and began to slowly pull his way toward the estate still looking to get to safety but, the man stopped infront of Yevel's path and Yevel slowly looked up and the Bounty Hunter lowered his blaster down to Yevel's forehead.

"Yevel... Wanted..." The Bounty Hunter pulled the trigger and splattered Yevel's brains behind onto the plains of Dantooine as a grin spread across his face.

"Dead." The Bounty Hunter grinned and turned around before slowly walking back, toward the port.

The Bounty Hunter stopped at the hill in which he chased Yevel and looked back to Yevel's body that was laying lifeless on the ground and rose his helmet off revealing himself to be a Abyssin, although he was shy about it and liked people to think he was human for he spoke perfect Galatic Basic.

"Complementries of Eryn Vazyl." Mumbled Eryn before turning his back and beginning back toward Dantoonie port.

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