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"And who are you to think, I want to see Lord Tepe? I hope he won't let me leave freely. He should be intresting. Unlike people like you who hide behind their soldiers." Mumbled Valin as he opened his eyes breaking his meditation and kneeling forward before flexing his muscles and attempting to break the cuffs again.

"Where is my lightsaber?" Asked Valin as he quickly looked around before spotting the soldier who confiscated his lightsaber and rose to his feet looking at him with a cold glare and shaking his head.

Valin let a loud sigh escape his lips before falling backwards onto the seat angerly and looking up to Cylia being annoyed how he was being held here against his will. He began to wander to the back of the ship again where many soldiers stood and he stood in the middle of the room glancing around at the soldiers grinning.


"Yevel has met... a most unfortanate fate." Mumbled Eryn as he approached the Hutt sitting in the corner who glanced to Eryn for a moment, before erupting into a laugh and holding its stomache with its stubby arms.

The Hutt nodded to its associate droid as the droid tossed a brown sack Eryn's way and he caught it before shifting it into his pocket and nodding his head patting his blaster and turning walking out of the Estate on the opposite side and coming out to a B-Wing landed in the middle of a field.

"Home sweet home." Mumbled Eryn before climbing into his ship and taking his helmet off to have the tinted glass cover the cockpit and him listening to his recordings for awhile for his next bounty.
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