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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
Homeopathic therapy? Why not?
Simply put: because there's no reason to believe it works. Indeed, there is considerable evidence against it. Finally, simple logic dictates that it is useless, since homeopathy is based on the concept of "infinite dilution." This means that the substance, arsenic for instance, is diluted to the point that it simply isn't molecularly present in the water. Every single homeopathic remedy is no different than distilled water you can pick up at any Walmart for .58 cents a gallon.

With regard to "alternative" methods, that are generally worthless as well. Studies conducted on the most prominent of these, such as herbals like Echinacea, aromatherapy, and biofeedback, have shown to be less helpful than placebo. Many "alternative" treatments are downright harmful, such as cellular injection (the injection of foreign cells from animals) and Ayurvedic "medicine."

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