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Here I am again, requesting yet another Sig. I would like the Sig split into two halves, but in the same picture. On the left I want Revan (Who is the man in the picture below) dressed in a Dark Jedi Master Robe:

On the other side, I want the Jedi Exile (Who is the woman in the picture below) dressed in a Grey Jedi Robe or whatever it is called:

On the bottom of each picture, for Revan, I want Diego Varen in Red coloured font and on the other picture at the bottom, I want Sera Tana in Blue coloured font. On top of the pictures, which can go across both pictures, I want the quote "Once Jedi, Now Heroes" in green.

If anyone can do this for me (I know it sounds hard and I want to get it the maximum Sig size), I would be very grateful and I'll give you credit.

PS. Oh I almost forgot, both my Revan and Exile are fully LS, so no dark side.
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