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Homeopathic medicine does not make sense because it ignores many chemical and physical laws in an illogical fashion: by diluting a substance you simply spread it's molecules and atoms farther apart; they do not transfer any qualities to the surrounding molecules that would help the human body become immune to it. As Skinwalker says, all homeopathic water does is transform toxic or septic water into just tap water.

As for alternative medicine, I think that the nomenclature is a bit misleading; after all, how far is "alternative"? Is it simply using different herbs or plants in a carefully concocted formula that has been tested through the generations and has successfully worked, or is it the use of insect feces and orangutan hair mixed together in yellow matter custard from a dead dog's eye? Herbalism is still a viable discipline of medicine, largely because current western medicine derives many of its prescriptions from organic substances like poppy flowers and whatnot.

Granted, I'd still much prefer western medicine to other alternative medicine, but only because we're much more careful about what the substances are and what they can do than alternative practitioners.

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