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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
If something does work, better than the more accepted form of, in this case medication, shouldn't it be used?
If it works, it *is* medicine. Like Tyrion said, there is no "alternative." Herbal remedies are drugs. Period. Some work. Some don't. Very, very, very few work better than their pharmaceutical analogs. Why take an herbal compound of unknown quantity, unknown concentration, and unknown purity, when evidence-based medicines are available. Aspirin is a compound that occurs naturally in plants (tree bark I think). If you take two aspirins, you're taking a medically proven and tested dose of a pure compound of known quantity and quality. Who knows what's in an unregulated, untested, herb that may or may not be the advertised product. It isn't pure. It isn't controlled for concentration or quantity. It's likely no one has tested it efficacy for the purpose you're taking it for nor for contraindications (interactions with other compounds, substances or drugs).

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
Would that include homeopatic medicine?
Homeopathic "medicine" isn't medicine. Its water. Read the links I left above.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
but if they don't work, it shouldn't be a simple case of tough luck, the option for unconventional means should be open.
Pure poppycock. Why subject someone to additional risks if they are already faced with a malady? That's called magical thinking.

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