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One of the Dominion Guards came in to see the end of the ruckus. Rarely the Guards spoke, but this was one of those times.
"Right. I've had enought of you" he said and took out his rifle. The last thing the jedi saw before blacking out would be the stock of the rifle hitting him several times, possibly even causing a concussion. The Guard searched the Jedi, took the lightsaber and any other weaponry he might use and then dragged him to one of the sleeping quarters with the other Guard. They threw him on the bare floor, left and locked the door behind themselves. The other Guard looked at the lightsaber, frowned and took an attention next to the door. They had just relieved Cylia from her duties as the guard of the Jedi.

When they finally landed, they opened the door again and smashed the Jedi again with the stocks before dragging him out and off the ship. They had landed just next to the Palace. A group of four guards came in at this point, two dragging the jedi while two staying way behind, ready to shoot him if necessary. They dragged him throught the Palace and straight into a heavily guarded waiting room.

The Dominion Guards looked at Cylia as the Jedi was dragged away.
"We'll report everything to Lord Tepe if you don't wish to come inside and do it personally. Here's the Jedi's lightsaber" the other Guard said and gave her the lightsaber they had taken from Valin.


Emukiel flashed a smile to Strider, taking his robes off and dropping them on the cold ground. He stepped forwards, placing his lightsaber against his and pushing slightly. He tested the man's nerves, grip and strenght. After a moment of silence, the man gave a warm laughter and attacked. His form of lightsaber handling was very unique in it's own, having defeated several Sith before. But this was no Sith he was fighting. The tail grew long on the lightsaber as he speeded up his moves, lashing at Strider seemingly carelessly. His attacks were easy to block if you kept with him, but he hand't shown his true colours yet. He backflipped away from Strider, looking at him with a smile.

"A little warmup so we can begin" he said and rushed into the fight this time seriously- The tail grew once again long as he entered the duel and continued to harrass the Hunter with constant attacks and attempts to breach throught his defence.


Lord Tepe rose up and took a breath in. The war came to him again. He sat on his throne and called in the Colonel as well as a messenger.
"Tell Lady Charna I will be waiting for her"
"Yes, my lord. Oh, and there is a Jedi prisoner waiting for you"
"Tell the guards to wait. I must speak with my apprentices first. Is Kaoin even near to arriving?"
"No idea, my lord. There has been no message from Lorrd or Kaoin"
"Fine... Send him a message to hurry up with it"
The messenger left an Tepe sighed. He needed some motivation to continue this war. Emukiel was trying to catch Strider, most of his fleets were in bad condition yet needed to defend the systems they were assigned to, his apprentices were becoming more and more like Generals and Cylia was still a trouble spot for him. What should he do with her?

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