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1.) Guardian/WeaponMaster

2.) Zeison Sha Warrior Armor, GNS Strength Enhancer, Physical Boost Package

3.) Dual sabers, both blue

4.) I use Shii-Cho mostly, then for the one on one battles, I used either Juyo or Makashi

5.) Since I always have the most advanced forms of the 3 powers involved in Force Enlightenment, I use it most often.


1.) Consular/Master

2.) Ossus Keeper Robe or Baran Do Sage Robe, Tech Specialist Belt, Mental Boost Package, Force Focusing Visor

3.) Dual sabers, both blue

4.) I mostly used the Force Form that all Jedi learn, I forgot it's name.

5.) Defensive Powers - Force Enlightenment (as I do with a Guardian, I had all the most advanced forms of the powers involved). Offensive powers - Force Wave, Stasis Field, and Destroy Droid.
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