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I love to play single player games alot of the time because they fit all around the way YOU want to play and you don't have people actively slagging the game. If there is one big turnoff for me whilst playing games, it's comments like this: - "This game is going down the pan" and "The playerbase is dissappearing" and "Fix the 25% combat med boost devs PLEASE!!!!" Many times have i screamed for these people to go and find someone of the opposite sex and move out of their parents basements. (My pleas of this particular request to myself have thusfar gone unanswered... by myself)

However, i like to play multiplayer games with a somewhat grown up community. Not draconian like some communities but with people i can respect like the Op Flashpoint playerbase and know when to have a laugh. I was heavily into Counter-strike once but i once saw a lan event which changed my outlook on life and cheeseburgers.

Waking up.
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