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Originally Posted by DARTH_DANZIG
Ok fishstapler, thanx.
Second, what is KSE, and is there any significant difference in using different force forms, both worth the relative gameplay, and in visual display of the combat simulator?(ie attack animations)

KSE is the KotOR Save Game Editor.

All that the force forms do is they modify how your powers are applied, they don't change visuals or anything, but they can improve force power regen or force power strength.

Another combo I'm fond of is...

1. Consular/Sith Lord
2. Robes, since armor has that really low dex cap and robes usually have better wisdom bonus.
3. Single, red.
4. I generally used the "high damage, high force power cost" force form since I had a near-unlimited supply of force and it increased pain-causing.
5. Kill, Death Field, Force Storm, Drain Force...all dark side powers.

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