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((Hey guys, offtopic and out of character, what do you guys think of my new sig? Anyway, keep up the rp guys, this is the most alive its been in forever!))

Cylia nodded and took the Jedi's lightsaber. "I'll report it myself, thank you." She said, and quietly waited with the guards until Tepe admitted their entrance.


Strider was not even in the least bit alarmed at Emukiel's unique fighting style. However, though Emukiel was very experienced, the Sith Hunter was a duelist quite unlike anything Emukiel had ever seen. His lightsaber pulled no fancy tricks, all of his moves were simply very swift, his body would twist in turn in odd ways that seemed almost skeletally impossible without the right balance to dodge swings or give him a better opening to block or parry. When he attacked, his swings were strong and fast, most of the time all Emukiel truly saw was the dark blur of Vincent's body and the blue blur of Vincent's blade.

Vincent finally spun away and brought his blade to an offensive appearing stance, smirking at Emukiel. "Grandmaster you are far too old to fight such a young opponent," he taunted. "You should save your strength, you need it to walk!" With that, in a quick dash he moved forward, his blue blade went to the offensive, striking at Emukiel quickly in a flashing blue blur, putting Emukiel on the defensive to give him a taste of the Sith Hunter's powerful technique.

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