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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
That's exactly what I'm saying, we should not throw up our arms, throw it into the too hard basket and allow someone sick to suffer just because we have too much of an ego to only accept our ways.
The reason doctors don't prescribe everything outside the box once traditional methods fail to work is because they follow the model of "to help, or to at least to do no harm." The latter portion is crucial to what you're saying, as it doesn't take much foresight to realize the potential danger of prescribing things to patients without knowing what the outcome could be.

I'm not sure if you're a medical expert, but wasn't there some type of placebo or homeopathic medication that was looked into recently that was discovered to be benificial in some form or another?
Er, a placebo should not have been beneficial in and of itself, as it contains no other substance other than perhaps sugar. If it works, it's most likely the result of a stronger willpower that the patient gained from believing the pill was working, rather than anything actually based in chemistry. Homeopathic would fall under the same thing.

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