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And Then There Were None. RP

YAY FOR MR HORNYAK! We've been reading the book And Then There Were None in Language Arts and I think that is could be a great RPG. Here's the plot, read it on wiki.

-Pick a character. NO MAKE UPS
-No Romance, this book has no love. Just cold blooded murder.
-Girls, you can play guys considering there's only 3 girls and one dies quickly.
-Stay true to the story. We're not going to Candy Mountain or any of that other shat.
-Start when all positions are filled. No off topicness. I am the master of the RPG, and I'll kick you out of this for breaking the rules.

-Dr. Armstrong
-Anthony Marston
-Edith Rodgers
-General MacArthur
-Thomas Rodgers
-Vera Claythorn : Darth_Ave
-Emily Brent
-Philip Lombard
-Justice Wargrave
-Mr Blore.
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